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Posted by Richard John Paul Hardcastle on Thursday, January 9, 2014 Under: Pass Plus
 Motorway Driving

Ask yourself, are you confident driving on the motorway or do you know someone who avoids the motorway at all costs?

Its surprising how many licensed drivers refuse to drive on the motorway. Why is this?

Well as a driving instructor I hear about many people who do want to drive on motorways.

The main reason is little experience or none in this form of driving. I say 'form of driving' because it is so different from urban driving.

Unfortunately, many test centres do not cover A roads, so drivers can pass their test without any experience of A road or motorway driving.

The Fife Pass Plus initiative encouraged local new drivers to take part in the scheme from 1999 to 2002.

In 1998, 17-20 year olds drivers were involved in 3.15% of crashes in Fife. They were to blame for 69.3% of these and 7.9% of total injuries for that year.

In 2002, the same age group were involved in 2.75 of crashes. They were to blame for 41.8% of crashes. This was an excellent 27.5% reduction in blameworthy crashes, and so proved the significance of the Pass Plus scheme to the reduction of crashes from new licensed drivers.

In my view the Pass Plus scheme is not promoted enough, and there is not enough incentive to do it. If insurance companies offered half price for the first years insurance, if you did the pass plus scheme, many more licensed drivers would take it up.

This would benefit the insurance companies as well as new drivers. I can assure you that the pass plus scheme radically increases your chances of not having an accident in your first year of driving. This is the most vulnerable time for any driver. Not only does pass plus cover motorway driving, it also covers night driving, country roads, advanced town driving, all weather driving and advanced awareness and planning. As a result of less incidents in the first year of driving, the insurance companies would have less claims and therefore justify halving the price of the first years insurance. There is of course the benefit of much less injuries to new drivers and other road users which has got to be applauded by everyone in the motor industry and the general public as well as the Health Services.

Aside from new drivers, I constantly hear from seasoned drivers who refuse go anywhere near a motorway.

As a Pass Plus registered instructor, I regularly take licensed drivers out on the motorway to teach them how to deal with this type of driving. After only a few lessons, they realise that with the right skills, their confidence and ability is taken to a new level. They find themselves able to drive on the motorway and wonder how they wasted all that time not using them.

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