Why do I stall when I'm at busy traffic lights?

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Why do I stall when I'm at busy traffic lights?


Stalling is probably the new learners most common fault. For those of you who have had a few lessons,
you'll know what I am talking about.

Okay, we all know that you will have had the clutch up a little high and maybe had not enough gas before
moving off, then stalled. This needs a little practise in a quiet road and the problem is soon dealt with.

Now, this is when it becomes interesting. You emerging into a busy road, a busy roundabout or are
the lead vehicle at a traffic lights and there is a bunch of traffic behind you. What happens? Maybe 
you feel a little edgy and you're thinking of the traffic around you! Time to move off and that blessed
stall comes back to haunt you. Why am I doing this, you ask yourself. I know how to move off without

Well, this is not unusual. What happens is you're so concerned about moving off and getting upto
speed that you go and bring the clutch up real quick before the car has started moving. That dreaded
engine dies, and everyone behind you starts beeping and throwing their arms up in dismay.

Doesn't make you feel too confident for the next set of traffic lights. How do you stop this escalating?

Well firstly, have the gas set just above 1 on the rev counter. Bring the clutch a pound coins depth
above the bite point and keep it there until the car has started moving. Only then, start to
increase the gas gradually and smoothly bring the clutch up.

One thing you must do is focus on your feet, not on what the people in the cars behind are thinking.

It might take a little practise, but don't fret, you will conquer this little problem.

To see how to use clutch control, click on my youtube video link on the right hand side of this page.

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