Preparation is key to passing the Driving Test

Posted by Richard John Paul Hardcastle on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Under: Driving Instructor


Preparation for the driving test is all important. This involves learning all the skills for driving and also and just as importantly mentally preparing for the test.

Throughout the hours learning to drive, we are preparing not only for the test but also for when you have passed the test and are out on the road as a licensed driver. For me, this is more important as an instructor that my pupils are prepared for 'safe driving for life'.

Being mentally prepared for the test is a big factor. The nerves can get the better of you, just like any other examination. I go through a lot of mock testing with my pupils to get them more and more used to the test conditions. This helps them conquer their nerves and anxieties. It also prepares them for what it is like with the examiner in test conditions.

Mock testing really highlights any faults, and brings home these errors to pupils more so than in normal instruction.

When choosing an instructor make sure your instructor has a green DSA ADI badge in the windscreen to prove that they are a fully qualified Driving Standard Agency Instructor. A pink license means the instructor is a trainee.


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