The areas we covered for driving instruction are Northwood, Pinner, Ruislip, Eastcote, Ickenham, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, West Drayton, Hayes, Southall, UB2, Northolt, UB5,  Greenford, Slough, Gerrards Cross, Denham, Harrow, Watford, Bushey, Berks, Bucks.

                                                     Driving Test Tips

 You want to pass First time, Here are some Top Tips!

Make sure your instructor has a green DSA ADI badge in the windscreen to prove that they are a fully qualified Driving Standard Agency Instructor. A pink licence means the instructor is a trainee.

Check that the car has Dual controls and is in good condition.

Don't assume the cheapest lessons are the best. Find out what else they offer. Is there a discount for pre-payment? Do they offer theory and hazard test training?

Check out how long a lesson lasts. Some schools may offer lessons that are less than the hour or pick up and drop of other pupils as part of your lesson.

Take at least one hour a week, preferable two, of regular lessons with a qualified instructor, remember one hour goes very fast you will learn more in a two hour lesson than two, one hour lessons. This is because more time is spent learning and less time reviewing and assessing what was done from the previous lesson and what was learnt on the current lesson. You are also able to cover more distance in a two hour lesson, so more variety of roads can experienced.

Make sure you have purchased the current Highway Code and buy a DSA theory book or CD-Rom of theory and hazards perception tests.

Make sure your instructor keeps a record of your progress in line with the official Driving Standard Agency Syllabus. This will help you know when you are ready for the practical test.

Apply for your theory test as soon as you start lessons; remember you need to pass your theory test before you can apply for practical.

Agree with you instructor when you should be ready for the practical test. Your instructor will advise you on how much tuition you should need.

Make sure you tuition car is available for a final lesson immediately before your test and for use in the test.

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