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Driving Instructing

The Right Driving Attitude (Part 2)



Anticipation in driving is about planning ahead. To do this you need to look in the far, middle and near distance so you have early warning of any potential hazards. Looking well ahead gives you time to think about the correct speed, position and gear on your approach to the hazard. It also gives you time to check your mirrors behind and to the sides in case you have to slow down or change direction.

If you plan ahead and anticipate the actions of others, you can:

  • avoid being taken by surprise
  • prevent hazards developing into dangers
  • save fuel by anticipating the situation, plan your approach speed and avoid stopping and starting when you don’t need to.
  • take early evasive action when hazards do develop.

Anticipation is at the heart of defensive driving techniques.


Sadly, incompetence, bad manners and aggression are commonplace on our roads, but there is no excuse for this type of behaviour.

Be prepared to make allowances for other’s mistakes.


  • drive with the spirit of retaliation or competition
  • use aggressive language or gestures
  • try to teach another road user a lesson, even if they have caused you inconvenience.


  • keep calm
  • show restraint
  • use sound judgement.

Be patient if the vehicle ahead is a leaner driver. They may be slower or may sometimes stall, especially at junctions. Beeping them does not help, it just unsettles them.


  • drive up close behind them
  • rev the engine
  • be impatient if they are slow to move off, or stall in doing so.
  • overtake, only to cut in again sharply

Don’t forget we were all learners once, so have some consideration.

Make allowances for older drivers. Their reactions may be slower than other drivers.


Confidence comes with increased:

  • skill
  • judgement
  • experience.

New drivers are often unsure of themselves, but confidence will grow with experience.

A good driver will never be over-confident as this leads to carelessness.

Rick Hardcastle (ADI)

Posted 124 weeks ago