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The Right Driving Attitude(Part 1)


Attitude towards driving is probably more relevant today than ever.  There are more cars on the road and definitely more traffic jams. This can affect drivers’ patience. We therefore need to adopt a conscious approach in our attitude

Some key factors help good driving :

  • responsibility
  • concentration
  • anticipation
  • patience
  • confidence

All the above factors make up what is known as the ‘driver’s attitude’.


As a responsible driver you must always be concerned for the safety of:

  • Yourself and your passengers
  • Of all other road users such as children, the elderly, people with disabilities, cyclists, motorcyclists, people in charge of animals.

Sometimes you have to be tolerant and remember that all road users are entitled to use the road. Look around you and plan your actions in advance to avoid danger or inconvenience to others.


To drive well, you must have 100% concentration on driving without allowing other things to distract you. 

Avoid driving if you’re:

  • Tired or unwell
  • Thinking about something else
  • Upset or annoyed
  • Suffering stress of any kind.

If you do find yourself having to drive under any of these conditions, give yourself more time to react. This could mean holding back from cars in front of you more, to allow more thinking time.

Concentration is key to anticipation. It is helped by having:

  • Good vision
  • Good hearing
  • Good health
  • Self discipline

Distractions such as satellite navigation, mobile phones, conversation(especially arguments), loud music, eating or drinking, looking at road maps are all hazardous and can very easily cause accidents.

When using sat navs, position them in a place which does not block your windscreen vision. Glance at them for only half a second and return you vision to the road. The same applies to anything on the dashboard: turning on the radio, demisters, hazard warning lights etc. 

The best advice is to avoid: loud music completely, do not eat or drink, do not use your mobile phone and do not look at a road map whilst driving.  Even using a hands-free headset can distract your attention from the road.

Another distraction is hanging objects from your interior mirror like air fresheners. They can really distract you If they move around a lot whilst you drive.

Rick Hardcastle (ADI)

Posted 128 weeks ago