RH Driving School Franchise

Here at RH Driving School Franchise, we like to keep things simple. Driving Instructing is enough, without having to worry about high Franchise costs.

All you have to do is register with us. The franchise fee is ultra low because you supply your own car. We'll supply the roof sign and give you a supply of pupils. We only have one manual instructor and one automatic instructor per test center area.  In this way,  you get enough pupils in your area without excess competition from the same franchise.

Are you fed up with big driving school franchises who take a big chunk of your  hard earned money and give little in return.
I'll give you 4 weeks hols each year with a fraction of the franchise fee. 

We advertise on Google and leading search engines, and keep a good  social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to attract new business for you.

We supply you with pupils so you don't have to worry about finding your own. Of course, you may already have your own pupils through recommendations or through your own online advertising;  so it's a win win situation for you when it comes to keeping costs down and pupil levels up.

For as little as £40 a week, you can join us here at RH Driving School.  An incredible deal, when you think that one pupil can earn you £1000 to £1,250 from beginner to test level (40 to 50 hours of lessons) at a modest £25 per hour.  Enter your details below if you would like to chat more about a Franchise with us.

Before joining us, we will have an informal chat to ensure your credentials and experience.

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