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    Firstly, I am an ADI. If you want focused copy for your driving website, my experience in the field will give you a head start.

    Being a driving instructor, I can create a driving school website which has authority.

    I can update your website with a weekly blog, which will help your search engine optimization. Repeated updates on your site makes google crawl your site content. Well written copy will push your website up the page rankings.

    In today's marketing world, you must be visible all the time. Driving instructing is no different to any other business.

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    1.What are you trying to achieve?

  • What are your trying to achieve?

    2.What will be the benefits to the pupil?

      What are your trying to achieve?

      For your driving school website, the focus will be about the benefits to the pupils. For example; put out reviews, written by previous pupils who have passed their test with you. Reviews are by far the most powerful way to impress potential pupils. It gives a level of authenticity that beats any kind of self promotion.

      What are the benefits to the pupil?

    • You can show your vehicle and talk about it's good points and why it would be a great car to learn in.

    • You can say how enjoyable your lessons are, include your services;

    • Residential Learner Driving Lessons

    • Driving Theory Tuition

    • Intensive driving courses

    • Hazard Perception Training

    • Refresher Driving Lessons

    • Pass Plus

    • Emergency Driving Test Car Hire

    Obviously, editing poor copy takes longer than copy that is already quite good. You need to also take into consideration the topic. More complex subjects will need more in depth research. You can see that costs depend on time taken to write and edit a project.

    As a general guideline though:

                                      1. Edit/rewrite a webpage - £50

                                      2. Articles or blog posts - £50

                                      3. Ongoing work - negotiable

    How much does website Copywriting Cost?

                            Because every job is different, it's much fairer to quote by the job. Feel free to ask for a quote. I'll get back to you by at least the next day.

  • Costs depends on research is needed for the project.
    1.       On how much For editing, the quality of the original work
    2. The am
    3. Amount of copy and how many pages required.

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